Located in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, we know that a reliable, efficient heating system is not only nice to have; it's necessary! That's why we offer a range of systems that will increase comfort and keep you warm in the winter. Boyer will not only keep you warm all winter long, but we will also save you money in the process!

Please take time to explore our heating options.

Too hot? Too cold? A zoning system from Boyer will make it just right. Our climate control systems create consistent temperature throughout your office or facility and are compatible with heat pumps, gas, oil, and geothermal systems. Have total control of the temperature with the systems from Boyer.

The Boyer team has extensive history of building custom commercial heating and cooling systems to exact building specifications. A certified and licensed PA contractor, Boyer has a proven history of excellent results within deadlines and budgets. Boyer has worked on extensive projects with Penn State Hotels, Retirement & living facilities, Hospitals, and various manufacturing facilities. Try their proven success for your business or facilities. 

Boyer can provide commercial services to you:

  • Engineers
  • Facility managers
  • Building Owners
  • Contractors
  • Government Facilities
  • Education facilities

Communication is key when designing and building new systems. Working with the Boyer design team and the building owner, we meet your needs and your budget. We are able to pay attention to details and build the best system for you and your heating, cooling, and commercial refrigeration needs.  

At Boyer Refrigeration, we know that being cool is a big deal, and keeping your building and equipment cool year round is very important to your business.

Whether you're looking to install a new system, replace an old one, or add on to an existing system, Boyer is the place to call so you can stay cool in the summer.  Please take time to explore our cooling options.

Indoor Air quality systems from Boyer provide consistently clean, purified air, eliminating allergens, unwanted odor and humidity in your home.

Boyer's NADCA certified technicians are the most qualified air system-cleaning specialists around. They can guarantee no chance off cross-contamination while cleaning your duct's, which is a promise form Boyer that your air will always be the highest in quality.  

Boyer's technicians have worked projects all across the country and are prepared to handle any sized job.

So breathe easy. The only thing you're inhaling is fresh air.

The quality that Boyer Refrigeration provides with their heating and air conditioning services are not limited to the residential market. Boyer has highly knowledge technicians to handle a vast array of buildings and industries. Whether for your office building or large facility, Boyer can provide you with the service you deserve and the heating or air conditioning you desire. The estimate and initial consultation are free. We look forward to your call today.

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